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Dream Disciples on stage at Infest, UK, August 2000 - Gordon Young, Karl North, Colin Lowing and Sid Bratley

Above: Dream Disciples at the Infest festival, Bradford, UK in August 2000.
(Photo: Schwarz)

April 2001

Album Finished

At last - our new album 'Asphyxia' is finished and will be out later this month via Resurrection Records, London, and from us at Whitby Gothic Weekend. Watch this space for further information shortly.

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More MP3s

Some older MP3 tracks have been added to our page at mp3.com - 'Delirium', 'Atomic', 'Sundance' and our biggest club hit, 'C.O.D.' ('Care of the Devil'). Get them now!

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March 2001

Whitby Tickets

Just an alert that if you want tickets for April's Whitby, you'd better hurry - WGWHQ has completely sold out of tickets and your only chance now is to get them from the resellers or second hand nearer the time [try looking on uk.people.gothic or UK local mailing lists for this option].

In light of this, we've closed our competition and will be announcing the winner here shortly. If Sid hasn't been in touch with you to tell you of your prize, then sorry but you'd better get that cheque off ASAP!

MP3 Single

'Room 57', the first track to appear in full from our new album 'Asphyxia' is being released as an MP3 single. Full details are here. It's also now filling dancefloors in UK clubs - is your local playing it yet? Check our club play page.

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February 2001

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Gig Announcement

To coincide with the release of our new album Asphyxia, we will be headlining Whitby Gothic Weekend in April 2001. This also happens to be the exact date of the tenth anniversary of Dream Disciples' first gig. More details of this to follow.

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Whitby Competition

[NB: 15.3.01 - this competition has now closed]

We thought since it is our first Whitby Saturday headline,10th Anniversary and our Asphyxia album launch party all rolled into one, it would be nice to give you guys a treat.

Here is the competition:-

Win two Guest List places to Whitby Gothic Weekend plus a free copy of the new album and a band shirt of your choice

So here is what you have to do.

We want to play a new cover song in the set at Whitby this year but wehaven't yet decided what to play...

You tell us what song you would like to hear us play at Whitby. Whoever suggests the one we all agreeto play, wins the prize... EASY... OR IS IT?

House Rules
  • Maximum 3 track suggestions per person.
  • All sensible suggestions considered but don't just stick to goth/alternative, shoot across the board.

We like a wide range of stuff!

[NB: 15.3.01 - this competition has now closed]

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MP3s added

We've added some MP3 previews of the new album tracks to our downloads page, have a listen and let us know what you think. We'll print the best comments on this site, say if you don't want to be quoted! Don't forget that promos are also going out to clubs now & we're checking off who's playing them, see if your local club is listed and ask the DJ if you want to hear it played loud. All MP3s have been available via our egroup for a while now so that's the place to be if you want to hear them as soon as we've recorded them - join here.

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January 2001

New tracks into UK clubs

Best wishes for 2001! Sid's been busy this week sending out some promo CDs to various clubs up and down the country. Each CD contains the following tracks:

  • Room 57
  • Velvethead
  • Antidote

(all available as MP3 snippets on the egroup site). Listed here are the destinations for the first batch of CDs. All you have to do now is get yourself along to your nearest club and request one of the above, then get jigging! If a club near you is not listed, just get your DJ to email me for a promo CD at the usual address.

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December 2000

"Room 57" released

Colin Lowing, Dream Disciples  (Photo: Schwarz)

Dream Disciples are pleased to announce that "Room 57", one of the new tracks from forthcoming album "Asphyxia", is now available in full on the 'Cold Hands Seduction' CD released with December's issue of German alternative music magazine 'Sonic Seducer', along with bands such as Cradle of Filth and HIM.

Have a look at the Sonic Seducer website here or if you still haven't heard the track preview on our egroup, see below for details of how to get hold of it. Unfortunately you can't buy Sonic Seducer in the UK at present, but the issue can be yours by sending 7,50 DM directly to them - address given on the site linked above.

We've had some really positive feedback from this so far and it looks like we'll be doing another couple of German magazines in the coming year and doing some shows/festivals over there around the summertime - if you're in Germany, check our gigs page for news early next year, or join our egroup for the announcements as soon as we have them.

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More new tracks and more MP3s

The band are back in the studio to record another couple of tracks before the inevitable Christmas binge!

We'll be doing 'Velvethead' and another as yet untitled over the coming days and we'll try to make the new MP3s available on our egroup as soon as we've got back from the studio and had a cuppa.

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Album & next year's gigs

As for the album we're finally getting there, and it's looking like it'll be released sometime around April 2001 - which'll coincide nicely with the band's tenth anniversary (we're old gits now!) so we'll be looking to get out and gig our boots off. Interested promoters worldwide: here's the address.

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Mailing List

Join our mailing list!

Our new egroup dreamdisciples is up and running - for general news as soon as we know it, info, chat, special offers on merchandise, exclusive downloads, plus members' calendar, polls, recommended links, and all that stuff. Available in email, digests, or web-only versions.

Subscribe below:

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(or just email dreamdisciples-subscribe@egroups.co.uk)

New in the uploads section - some Asphyxia desktop designs - and we're planning to add a few soundfiles soon, as a preview of the new album.

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July 2000

In Amber back in stock

We've finally got a limited new stock of In Amber available, so if you want a copy, hurry! It's available at an offer price of 13.00 including P&P; details on the Merchandise page.

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Summer gigs

Thanks to everyone who came along to our recent gigs in Edinburgh, Sheffield, Bury and Birmingham. We came, we saw, we plugged everything in, we jumped about, we unplugged everything, and generally had a bloody mental time.

We're now playing a set with a good 'updated' feel. Some of the old favourites have been re-vamped and some new songs from the forthcoming CD are starting to make an appearance, such as 'Velvethead', 'OPS' ('Obligatory Pop Song') and 'Room 57'.

New photos from the gigs should appear here soon.

We are also hoping to play a few selected festivals in UK and Europe and will be able to give details of the first bookings pretty soon.

If you are a promoter and want us to play your venue : Ask Us

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Line Up Change

Karl North bass guitar Dream Disciples

We are pleased to announce that we are reverting back to our natural state and are in the process of integrating a drummer and a bass player back into the band, the days of the drum machine are over [for the most part], we feel the new material and some of the older stuff would benefit from the kick up the arse that a good rhythm section will give it.

Karl North has joined the band on bass guitar, anybody who has seen Karl playing will have no doubts of his abilities and we are delighted to have him onboard. Karl will also be writing and recording the bass lines for the new album...cool!

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