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Sub Atomic CD Logo Cure for Pain

Available by mail order or buy it at our gigs!

April 2001: New merchandise will be available with the release of Asphyxia this month, so keep watching this page for new goodies!

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Room 57

Room 57

1 track promo

Promo MP3, released 2001

First track released as promo for 'Asphyxia', album due for release in April 2001.


Download here


Cure For Pain

A Cure For Pain

10 track CD

Album, released 1996

includes 'COD' & 'F Perfect'

MP3 preview:

£ 10.00

£ 6.00


At The Edge Of The Abyss

10 track Live CD

Recorded live show from the Mercat, Birmingham. Excellent chance to hear what the band (and crowd!) really sound like.


"manages to capture the whole atmosphere of the night"

[more review from :Deviation:]


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In Amber

In Amber

10 track CD

Album, released 1994

Special offer price for limited amount finally back in stock!


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7 track CD

EP, released 1997

MP3 preview:

£ 8.00

£ 4.50

Cure For Pain

Veil Of Tears

6 track CD

Mini-album, recorded 1991

£ 6.00

£ 3.50

Veil of Tears

Veil Of Tears

6 track black vinyl

Mini-album, recorded 1991

£ 8.00

£ 4.00


Bela Lugosi Black

3 track CD

Promo EP, released 1999 at Whitby Gothic Weekend

£ 6.00



New Designs for 2001 coming shortly

Image Coming Soon

Asphyxia Shirt

Long sleeved shirt with colour front and back prints, size L or XL


£ 9.50

Image Coming Soon

Sub.Human Shirt

Long sleeve shirt with black and white front and back prints, size XL


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Image Coming Soon

Suck Satan's...Shirt

Short sleeve shirt, black and white front and sleeve print, size L/XL

Out of Stock

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Image Coming Soon

Zombie Slut Shirt

Short sleeve shirt, black and white front and sleeve print, size L/XL

Out of Stock

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Cure for Pain

A Cure for Pain

Sub Atomic CD


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