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From January 2001, Sid is sending out promo CDs with tracks from the new album to DJs. Each CD contains the following tracks:

(all available as MP3 snippets on the egroup). Listed below are the destinations for our CDs. All you have to do now is get yourself along to your nearest club and request one of the above, then get jigging! If a club near you is not listed, just get your DJ to email Sid for a promo CD.


  • new! It's in the post, prepare to request it.
  • Hit! Give them a hand - definite club play reported.

Gordon Young, Dream Disciples

UK clubs

  • new! Martin - Insanitorium, Colchester
  • new! Dave - Blackout, Harrogate
  • new! Gabe - Decadence, Middlesborough
  • new! Patrick - Cafe Legendz, Amsterdam
  • Hit! Barry - Death Machine, Birmingham
  • Brian - Bedlam, Glasgow
  • Hit! Debbie - The Mission, Edinburgh
  • Antony - Elvira's, Bristol
  • DJ De'Ath - Leeds and Elsewhere
  • Vamp 2000 - Manchester
  • Hit!The Church of Madness - Reading
  • Nightmare - Nottingham
  • Hit!Hit!Hit! Ian - The Mercat, Birmingham
  • Glenn - Wendy House, Leeds
  • Chris - Darkfire / Fete Noir, Plymouth
  • Legion - Requiem, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Hit! Steve - Slimelight, London [Hit! club play reported at EXILE STATION @ DARKPARK, Germany]
  • Jason - Black Machine, Bournemouth
  • Hit! Taoist - Darktrix, Basingstoke
  • Hit! Ian - Dissolution, Sheffield
  • Hit! Michael - Friday Night Goth Shite, Birmingham
  • Hit! Pete Scathe - Resurgence, Portsmouth
  • Howard - Carpe Noctum, Bradford
  • Rob - Heresy, Coventry
  • Hit!Hit! Dave - Malice Underground / Tenebrae, both London / Exile, Bath
  • Hit! Morph - Disassembly, Coventry
  • Matt - Sin, Dundee
  • Alun - Elizium, Aberdeen
  • Mr K - Electrotribe, Leicester
  • Jo - Decadence, Middleborough
  • Hit! Ian - Vain, Edinburgh
  • Hit! Sorren - Conception, Edinburgh
  • Hit! James - Ascension, Edinburgh
  • Aaron - Hell On Earth, Edinburgh

Non-UK clubs

If we haven't linked to your club and it has a webpage, let us know and we'll sort it out.

If you've played or heard the track at your club and we haven't spotted it, same thing applies if you want a Hit!.

For dates and details of clubs near you, check Doktor Joy's Helix club guide.

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