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[Somewhere in Scotland: 04.01] > > > Dream Disciples have just finished their new album "Asphyxia" which is due to be released in April 2001. This month's work includes releasing the album, headlining the UK's largest goth festival Whitby Gothic Weekend, and releasing some older tracks as MP3s, as well as planning other gigs for 2001 touring in the UK and across Europe. making money with a website

[On this site: 04.01] > > > if you want to hear previews of the new album, grab your copy of the full track of Room 57, our first MP3 single release, and visit the downloads page to get some MP3 samplers and artwork. There's also a few tracks from our earlier albums now ready to download. Alternatively, see if your local DJ is on our clubplay hitlist yet, for the chance to hear the new tracks played very loud at your nearest club. Otherwise, keep watching for more additions to the site later this month: the menu is on the right, so come in and explore, how can a website make money then email us and tell us what you think.



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